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Who We Are

Northern Virginia Sail and Power Squadron (NVSPS) is a local boating club (also known as America's Boating Club Northern Virginia) that is part of the United States Power Squadrons® (USPS®) a national, non-profit organization with over 450 local chapters called squadrons. The mission of the USPS is to maintain, enhance and promote USPS as the premier boating organization dedicated to ‘Safe Boating through Education’.

Our organization is dedicated to making recreational sail and power boating safer and more enjoyable by providing education, civic service and social activities. NVSPS is part of District 5, which encompasses the mid-Atlantic region of the east coast. See a regional map of D5's many squadrons here.

Most of our members live in the Northern Virginia area (see area map here) and enjoy boating on the waters of Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay. Many are experienced offshore cruisers and some have even circumnavigated the globe! On the other hand, many of our members are waiting to buy their first boat and want to learn as much as they can before their first cruise on the water.

Want to join? Active membership is available here. Once a member, you can pursue more advanced courses or join us on the water: rendezvous and cruises are scheduled during the boating season.

Many of our activities are on land, too! Every month, our members have the opportunity to enjoy a presentation--fishing, diving, favorite Chesapeake Bay haunts, and related Coast Guard activities have been presented in past programs.

Our boating season starts and ends with picnics and cookouts with activities for members of all ages--including youngsters. The holiday season finds us celebrating with a more formal dinner dance. Want to know more? Check out our schedule of activities.

Members who volunteer their time to helping with squadron management or activities are rewarded with merit marks. These are more fully explained here.

In case you are wondering, NVSPS is not a military organization and has no direct relationship to the United States Coast Guard (USCG). However, a common interest in promoting safe boating has NVSPS members teaming with USCG, CG Auxiliary, and the the National Ocean Services division of NOAA.

Becoming a Member

There are lots of reasons to join Power Squadron. Besides the social and community service aspects, you gain access to our advanced boating courses. You'll also receive discounts on insurance, software, moving boxes and more. Click here to view our full member benefits.

Want to become a member of USPS and our squadron? Have a friend who wants to join? Click to see the application form you'll need to fill out. If you have further questions, feel free to contact our Membership Chairperson using email at mem@nvsps.org.


Find our By-Laws, Charter, and other historical documentation in our squadron archives.

Our History

The NVSPS was chartered May 14, 1967. For our 40th anniversary, a history of NVSPS was assembled. In it you will find details about the formation of the squadron, its leaders across the years, and essays by past commanders. Recently we published an updated 50th Anniversary yearbook

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