NVSPS Ship’s Store is now Online

The NVSPS Ship’s Store has converted to an online format for both apparel and nametags! All members can now order directly from the same vendors who have provided NVSPS merchandise in the past and have the merchandise shipped to their homes. Apparel and hats with our embroidered logo come from Queensboro Shirt Company in Wilmington, NC. Our nametags with burgee come from Kay Cee Engraving in Mineral VA. To order from either company, go to nvsps.org/ships store and click on the link or use the URL’s listed below.

For apparel and hats from Queensboro Shirt Company:

We have a Queensboro Online Store under the name of Northern Virginia Sail & Power Squadron. Open your browser. Type in our URL: http://nvsps.qbstores.com or click here.

On the Welcome Page you will see our logo at the top left of the page. At the top right of the page you will see Register/Sign in. For your first purchase you will register your email address; thereafter, you will sign in using your email address.

Scroll down the page to view the shirts, jackets, hats, tote bags, etc. with the NVSPS logo shown embroidered on each. For a close-up of the logo, hold your cursor over the item. Click on the item to see details about construction, fabric, sizes, colors, etc.

To purchase the item, click on the image and choose size and color. Then click on Add to Cart. When you are finished shopping, click Proceed to Checkout. Follow the instructions to enter your billing and shipping address and method of payment. You should receive your order in two weeks or less.

For Nametags from C.P. Dean:

Open your browser and type in: http://cpdean.com or click here.

  • Click on Awards.
  • Click on U.S.PowerSquadron Plaques & Awards.
  • Click on Nametags.
  • Enter Northern Virginia for the Squadron name.
  • Click on the Date field and use the pop-up calendar to enter the date you need the name tag by.
  • Click on the Name Tag Backing arrow and select your style. There are three types of fasteners: pin, clutch, or magnetic.
  • Click on the Name Tag Type arrow and select Squadron.
  • In the Special Instructions, enter your name as you wish to see it on the name tag.
  • Click on Add To Cart.
  • If your order looks okay, proceed to checkout.

    If you have any questions about the online Ship’s Store, email store@nvsps.org