NVSPS 50th Anniversary Celebration

May 7 saw a grand banquet celebration of NVSPS' 50th anniversary at the Springfield Golf & Country Club. Past commanders and district officers helped members celebrate this occasion.

20170507_123702_1494194396745 (2) (1100x733, 158kb) 20170507_123729_1494194396634 (1100x619, 178kb) 20170507_123744_1494194396532 (2) (1100x1099, 202kb) 20170507_124452_1494194371020 (1088x608, 110kb) 20170507_133429_1494194341326 (1) (1088x608, 197kb) a IMG_0018 (2) (1100x825, 207kb) aNVSPS P Commanders May 2017 (1100x619, 154kb) D5 and Zugay (608x1100, 163kb) D5 presents to Zugay (1088x608, 171kb) Gale Claire Bruce  May 2017 (1088x608, 128kb) IMG_0002 (825x1088, 188kb) IMG_0003 (1100x825, 229kb) IMG_0004 (1100x825, 254kb) IMG_0005 (1100x825, 229kb) IMG_0012 (1100x825, 315kb) IMG_0013 (825x1088, 205kb) IMG_0025 (1100x825, 249kb) IMG_0027 (1100x825, 215kb) IMG_0028 (1100x825, 239kb) IMG_0031 (2) (1100x1100, 281kb) IMG_0035 (1100x825, 316kb) IMG_0038 (2) (1100x619, 190kb) May 7 Anniv Cake Table (1100x825, 229kb)

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