D5 Spring Conference, March 2014

The NVSPS hospitality suite theme was "Don't Worry, Be APPy". It demonstrated various apps (application programs) available for aiding boaters. These ranged from navigation apps to marine rules, tide charts, anchor dragging, and weather. The apps are designed to be loaded onto smartphones and tablet computers.

_R001089 (900x612, 151kb) _R001090 (900x872, 187kb) _R001091 (631x900, 153kb) _R001094 (900x634, 137kb) _R001097 (863x900, 205kb) _R001098 (900x888, 178kb) _R001099 (900x785, 156kb) _R001100 (900x602, 163kb) _R001101 (900x611, 142kb) _R001102 (900x810, 173kb) _R001104 (702x900, 159kb) _R001107 (900x577, 156kb) _R001119 (900x661, 131kb) _R001120 (900x715, 174kb) _R001123 (900x611, 134kb) _R001135 (698x900, 148kb) _R001138 (900x611, 174kb) _R001141 (900x703, 161kb) _R001142 (900x723, 169kb) _R001145 (853x900, 155kb) _R001147 (900x611, 140kb) _R001148 (656x900, 150kb) _R001151 (900x662, 190kb) _R001153 (900x817, 201kb) _R001156 (900x722, 194kb) _R001159 (592x900, 107kb) ann at  ocean city (705x960, 177kb) cathy commander recption (720x663, 75kb) nvsps at oc (960x639, 63kb)

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