A couple dozen members received a guided tour of the UMD’s research vessel Rachel Carson on Friday, 3 October, 2014 in Solomons Island, MD. Capt. Mike Hulme led the hour-long tour. The group then went to lunch at Stoney's Solomons Pier restaurant. What a super time we had!

_R001534 (900x876, 114kb) _R001536 (900x607, 170kb) _R001538 (900x607, 169kb) _R001540 (900x682, 164kb) _R001541 (900x864, 178kb) _R001543-1 (900x607, 152kb) _R001545 (786x900, 172kb) _R001547 (628x900, 149kb) _R001549 (809x888, 206kb) _R001550 (900x842, 233kb) _R001553 (900x607, 143kb) _R001561 (607x900, 147kb) _R001568 (900x677, 160kb) _R001570 (900x762, 206kb) _R001572 (900x690, 188kb) IMG_0361 (900x600, 150kb) P1090678 (900x675, 177kb) P1090679 (900x675, 254kb) P1090680 (900x675, 165kb) P1090681 (900x675, 214kb) P1090683 (900x675, 203kb) P1090684 (900x675, 192kb) P1090685 (900x675, 167kb) P1090686 (900x675, 172kb) P1090687 (900x675, 144kb) P1090688 (900x675, 198kb) P1090689 (900x675, 187kb) P1090690 (900x675, 188kb) P1090691 (900x675, 84kb) P1090692 (900x675, 186kb) P1090693 (675x900, 150kb) P1090694 (900x675, 123kb) P1090695 (675x900, 212kb) P1090696 (900x675, 171kb) P1090697 (900x675, 168kb) P1090698 (900x675, 210kb) P1090699 (900x675, 279kb) P1090700 (675x900, 177kb) P1090701 (675x900, 197kb) P1090702 (900x675, 193kb) P1090703 (675x900, 189kb) P1090704 (675x900, 200kb) P1090706 (900x675, 160kb) P1090707 (675x900, 127kb) P1090708 (900x675, 126kb) P1090709 (675x900, 130kb) P1090712 (900x675, 142kb) P1090713 (900x675, 122kb) P1090714 (900x675, 172kb) P1090715 (900x675, 189kb) P1090716 (900x675, 176kb) P1090717 (900x675, 177kb) P1090718 (900x675, 168kb) P1090719 (900x675, 147kb) P1090720 (900x675, 145kb) P1090721 (900x675, 157kb) P1090722 (900x675, 173kb) P1090723 (900x675, 138kb) P1090724 (900x675, 145kb) P1090725 (900x675, 198kb) P1090726 (900x675, 147kb) P1090727 (900x675, 106kb) P1090728 (675x900, 99kb) P1090729 (900x675, 170kb) P1090730 (900x675, 172kb) P1090731 (900x675, 141kb) P1090732 (900x675, 251kb) P1090733 (900x675, 205kb) P1090734 (675x900, 193kb) P1090735 (900x675, 177kb) P1090736 (900x675, 139kb) P1090737 (900x675, 155kb) P1090738 (900x675, 189kb) P1090739 (900x675, 203kb) P1090740 (900x675, 179kb) P1090741 (900x675, 233kb) P1090742 (675x900, 117kb) P1090743 (900x675, 201kb) P1090744 (900x675, 146kb) P1090745 (900x675, 134kb) P1090746 (900x675, 131kb) P1090747 (900x675, 180kb) P1090748 (900x675, 218kb) P1090749 (900x675, 242kb)

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