Wounded Warrior Cruise out of Pax River NAS on 14 Sept 2013. A dozen appreciative soldiers and families and lots of NVSPS skippers willing to share. The weather was superb and the food was excellent. The camraderie and honor of service were paramount. The photos below were taken by Kim-Kwok Chu, Gale Alls, Mary Jane Hinkins, Keith Segerson, Francis Williamson, and Walt Lazear.

Commanders 2 (900x600, 165kb) Commanders (900x698, 194kb) District 8 Bay-20130914-00153 (900x675, 275kb) District 8 Bay-20130914-00154 (900x675, 254kb) District 8 Bay-20130914-00155 (900x675, 172kb) Grouop 2 (900x485, 195kb) Grouop 4 (900x600, 202kb) Grouop 5 (900x600, 219kb) IMG_0784 (900x675, 231kb) IMG_0786 (900x675, 268kb) IMG_0787 (900x675, 219kb) IMG_0790 (900x675, 216kb) IMG_0797 (900x675, 220kb) IMG_0800 (900x675, 146kb) IMG_0803 (900x675, 258kb) IMG_0804 (900x675, 258kb) IMG-20130914-00132 (900x675, 210kb) IMG-20130914-00133 (900x675, 207kb) IMG-20130914-00135 (900x675, 162kb) IMG-20130914-00136 (900x675, 242kb) IMG-20130914-00140 (900x675, 199kb) IMG-20130914-00145 (900x675, 233kb) IMG-20130914-00146 (900x675, 251kb) IMG-20130914-00147 (900x675, 156kb) IMG-20130914-00151 (900x675, 188kb) IMG-20130914-00152 (900x675, 237kb) IMG-20130914-01006 (900x675, 156kb) IMG-20130914-01007 (900x675, 194kb) IMG-20130914-01008 (900x675, 232kb) IMG-20130914-01010 (900x675, 206kb) iPhone 5 510PS (1800x1121, 770kb) iPhone 5 511PS (640x480, 219kb) iPhone 5 516 (640x480, 56kb) iPhone 5 518PS (640x480, 209kb) iPhone 5 522PS (640x480, 205kb) iPhone 5 525 (640x480, 59kb) iPhone 5 532PS (640x480, 236kb) iPhone 5 533 (640x480, 57kb) Lunch 1 (900x575, 130kb) Lunch 2 (900x651, 161kb) Lunch 3 (900x600, 159kb) Lunch 4 (900x600, 142kb) Lunch 5 (900x600, 161kb) P1030504 (900x675, 149kb) P1030505 (675x900, 217kb) P1030506 (900x675, 215kb) P1030507 (900x675, 225kb) P1030508 (900x675, 118kb) P1030509 (900x675, 165kb) P1030510 (675x900, 408kb) P1030511 (675x900, 121kb) P1030512 (900x675, 172kb) P1030513 (900x675, 157kb) P1030516 (900x507, 92kb) P1030522 (900x507, 63kb) P1030523 (507x900, 101kb) P1030524 (507x900, 104kb) P1030530 (900x507, 96kb) P1030531 (900x507, 116kb) P1030537 (900x507, 119kb) P1030538 (507x900, 99kb) P1030539 (900x507, 81kb) P1030540 (900x507, 82kb) P1030541 (900x507, 113kb) P1030542 (507x900, 100kb) P1030543 (900x507, 148kb) P1030547 (900x507, 172kb) P1030548 (507x900, 106kb) P1030550 (507x900, 108kb) P1030554 (507x900, 132kb) P1030555 (900x507, 162kb) P1030556 (900x507, 86kb) P1030557 (507x900, 86kb) P1030558 (900x507, 121kb) P1030559 (900x675, 192kb) P1030560 (675x900, 153kb) P1030561 (900x675, 136kb) P1030562 (900x675, 148kb) P1030563 (900x675, 175kb) P1030566 (900x675, 159kb) P1030567 (675x900, 140kb) P1030568 (900x675, 173kb) P1030573 (900x675, 166kb) P1030574 (675x900, 122kb) P1030575 (900x675, 185kb) P1030576 (900x675, 174kb) P1030577 (900x675, 126kb) P1030579 (900x675, 193kb) P1030580 (900x675, 258kb) P1030583 (675x900, 475kb) P1030584 (900x675, 133kb) P1030585 (900x675, 181kb) P1030586 (900x675, 120kb) P1030587 (900x675, 179kb) P1030588 (900x675, 199kb) P1030589 (675x900, 128kb) P1030590 (900x675, 186kb) P1030591 (900x675, 134kb) P1030592 (900x675, 123kb) P1030593 (900x675, 172kb) P1030595 (900x675, 108kb) P1030596 (675x900, 136kb) P1030597 (900x675, 156kb) P1030598 (900x675, 139kb) P1030599 (900x675, 143kb) P1030600 (900x675, 217kb) P1030601 (900x675, 143kb) P1030602 (900x675, 147kb) P1030603 (900x507, 159kb) P1030604 (900x507, 138kb) P1030605 (900x507, 132kb) P1030606 (900x507, 163kb) Person 1 (530x900, 163kb) Person 2 (900x669, 197kb) Person 3 (900x720, 206kb) Person 4 (900x688, 139kb) Person 5 (900x600, 106kb) Person 6 (900x600, 151kb) Person 7 (900x600, 178kb) S1050019 (900x600, 146kb) S1050034 (900x600, 145kb) S1050036 (900x600, 121kb) S1050040 (900x600, 138kb) S1050043 (900x600, 132kb) S1050044 (900x600, 124kb) S1050061 (900x600, 158kb) S1050073 (900x600, 122kb) WWC 2013 002 (900x598, 501kb)

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