Wounded Warrior Cruise out of Pax River NAS. Lots of appreciative soldiers and families and lots of NVSPS skippers willing to share.

a full house (900x675, 242kb) boat waiting for crew (900x675, 181kb) briefing (900x675, 260kb) cake (900x675, 191kb) captain and crew (900x675, 136kb) captain and more crew (900x675, 127kb) captains waiting for crew (900x675, 249kb) goodbyes (900x675, 155kb) IMG_3124 - Copy (900x600, 167kb) IMG_3124 (900x600, 167kb) IMG_3228 - Copy (900x600, 110kb) IMG_3229-2 (900x600, 115kb) IMG_3230-2 - Copy (900x600, 112kb) IMG_3231-2 (900x600, 87kb) IMG_3232-2 - Copy (600x900, 104kb) IMG_3233-2 - Copy (900x600, 108kb) IMG_3234 (900x600, 99kb) IMG_3235-2 (900x600, 89kb) IMG_3236-2 - Copy (900x600, 80kb) IMG_3237-2 (900x600, 85kb) IMG_3238-2 - Copy (900x600, 99kb) IMG_3239 (900x600, 102kb) IMG_3240-2 (900x600, 116kb) IMG_3241_3 (900x600, 127kb) IMG_3244_2 (900x600, 71kb) IMG_3246_2 (600x900, 153kb) IMG_3247_2 (900x600, 171kb) IMG_3248-2 (900x600, 148kb) IMG_3249-2 (600x900, 130kb) IMG_3251_2 (600x900, 152kb) IMG_3252-2 (900x600, 180kb) IMG_3254 (900x600, 107kb) IMG_3255-2 (900x600, 142kb) IMG_3272-2 (900x600, 140kb) IMG_3280-2 (900x600, 129kb) IMG_3281-2 (900x600, 117kb) IMG_3283-2 (900x600, 139kb) IMG-20121014-00285 (900x675, 251kb) IMG-20121014-00288 (900x675, 200kb) IMG-20121014-00295 (900x675, 154kb) Karjalas (900x675, 218kb) LAtti (900x675, 202kb) LAttitudes WWC 2012 (900x675, 236kb) P1000270 (900x675, 186kb) P1000275 small (160x120, 8kb) P1000276 (900x675, 145kb) P1000279 (448x336, 42kb) P1000281 (900x675, 172kb) P1000283 (900x675, 181kb) P1000286 small (448x336, 32kb) Sea Scout Captain and Crew (300x225, 17kb) sea scout crew (900x675, 186kb) Sept meeting Jay with Rich (900x675, 156kb) Serenity WWC 2012 (900x675, 186kb) shore crew takes a break (900x675, 160kb) shore crew (900x675, 230kb) sosuthern girl (900x675, 155kb) waiting for the picnic (900x675, 191kb) WWC 2012 Farewell (300x225, 21kb) wwc sue steve dick (900x675, 216kb)

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